KL7RRC 2010 – Alaska trip, NA-235 & NA-019

    Message from Andy, RZ3EM:

    Operators of KL7RRC 2010 Alaska trip arrive in Seattle July 16th, only 2 weeks away! Members are: Alexander Kuznetsov RW3RN, Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, Merle Elson K5MT and myself, Yuri Sushkin N3QQ. We are flying early AM July 19th from Seattle to Kodiak.

    Please mark your calendar:  http://www.na-234.com/

    • July 19th-21st operation from Kodiak Island (NA-019)
    • July 22-August 1st or 2nd operation from uninhabited Chirikof Island, new-one (NA-235).
    • IOTA Contest from Chirikof Island 1200UTC Saturday 24 July to 1200UTC Sunday 25 July 2010
    • August 3rd-4th operation from Kodiak Island (NA-019)

    QSL can be confirmed by either QSL Manager, Yuri UA9OBA or Dick, N7RO.

    • Equipment: 3 radios: IC-7600, IC-7000 and IC-706MK2G
    • Amplifier(s) Ameritron ALS-600S qty 1-2
    • Generators: EU2000i and EU1000i
    • Antennas: 2 full size vertical dipoles for 20m, 2 1/4 wave verticals for 40m and shortened vertical dipole TWAntennas for 10-40m.
    • Planned modes: SSB/CW and possibly PSK31 and RTTY

    Protection from wild cows and bulls on Chirikof Island: electrtic fence, Saiga-12 12 gauge shotgun and .44 magnum.  We will visit some very interesting, out of the way places: Alitak fishing plant with no roads, only air or water access (where 95% of our equipment/food stored now) and fishing village Akhiok, population about 50. Will make a documentary about people and history of Kodiak.

    We would like to thank for a financial support Sergey RA3NAN, Alexander RW3RN, Merle K5MT, Shu JN6RZM, Oleg UA6HPR for QSL printing as well as IREF and all individual donors worldwide.  No need to mail QSL for donors, contacts will be confirmed direct, no postage is necessary. All bureau cards will be confirmed via bureau.

    We will keep you posted about new developments. Live tracking of our location will be available after July 19th on the following page http://www.spotadventures.com/user/profile?user_id=52123

    Yuri Sushkin, N3QQ (KL7RRC team)