KL7RRC & KL7RRC/p – Adak Island NA-039 & Rat Islands (Kiska) NA-070

    UPDATE: These plans have now changed – please read here.

    Following the recent announcement that St Matthew island NA-232 Dxpedition has been rescheduled for 2012, this new IOTA info is provided courtesy of Yuri Sushkin, N3QQ.

    On July 28th, Yuri N3QQ will arrive in Adak, NA-039 signing KL7RRC, with participation in the IOTA Contest (July 30-31) included.

    If transportation is available to travel to Kiska, Rat Islands NA-070, plans are to be operational as KL7RRC/p from here until August 8, weather permitting.

    Bands 40m to 6m; 600W on HF, 150W on 6m; CW/SSB.

    QSL via N7RO, EU stations via UA9OBA.

    Note: If you would like to participate, please contact Yuri on [n3qq@na-234.com] ASAP. Airfare is now relatively inexpensive and must be purchased by June 30th. 3br apartment in Adak is $145 for up to 4 people/night.