Kosovo independence ‘not illegal’, say UN judges

    The quotes expressed in this post are not necessarily the views of the editor. However, in light of the latest news updates regarding the independence of Kosovo, it is perhaps – out of interest for DXers – an idea to display this story.

    The US State Department welcomed the verdict and called on European states to support Kosovo. Joe Biden, the vice-president, used a telephone to Serbia’s President Boris Tadic to demand Belgrade co-operate with the verdict

    Russia and China have refused to recognise Kosovo and fear the verdict will trigger a rash of demands for recognition in other areas.

    There are breakaway republics in Cyprus, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan which could now seize upon the ruling to try to push their own claims.

    Other countries including China, Spain, Canada and Russia also contain self-governing territories that could also now attempt to declare independence and demand international recognition.

    Kosovo independence ‘not illegal’, say UN judges