Latest from Midway Team

    • Monday, 07:00 October 12

    The team has safely arrived on Midway Atoll at 07:00 UTC 12 October. At daybreak we start assembling our antennas and stations and will rush to put our stations on the air.

    • Monday, 0300 UTC 12 October

    DX World has just been informed by Don, AA1V, who talked with N1DG, that the K4M team is preparing for
    departure now and should be airborne before 10:00 PM EDST (0200z).

    • Sunday, 21:00 UTC 11 October

    Last night (as many of you know who watched N8E on ended after only 1 hour in failure. However, the flight last night was also a success in ruling out 7 swapped parts as not being the failure point – however they still didn’t fix the problem. This morning they replaced the last of the possible parts.

    We have just returned from the hanger after visiting with the mechanics, who are tired of seeing our faces and are telling us so!  They are pretty sure (yeah, we heard that before) that they now have isolated the leaking part. They have replaced it and are about to run up the engine again.

    Following protocol they should be in the air within an hour to begin their test flight. Our destination is over open ocean and there are no emergency landing strips along the way. They can not take us to Midway until they know they can fly the distance without issue.

    We are also still frantically searching for alternatives, but there are no planes on Midway certified to fly there by F & W. There is a possible plane on the way to Hawaii from Las Vegas and we are pursuing this.

    The minute we know this test flight is a success we will update the website and we are in a standby position. Wish us luck.


    • Sunday, 04:00 UTC 11 October

    We have just learned our aircraft is in the air testing repairs made in the past 24 hours. We are anxiously waiting the results.

    [Note: Link to screen-grab of aircraft flight testing @ 04:00z]


    • Saturday, 21:00 UTC 10 October         

    The entire team is in Honolulu. On Thursday when the first members were to depart to Midway we were informed of a problem with the plane involving an oil leak. We were assured it was fixable. Friday – several test flights were made that determined that the repairs were unsuccessful.

    We are frantically searching for alternative means. We discovered yesterday that there are no   available planes on the Island that are either certified to fly to Midway or large enough for us. We are negotiating with a company in California for a jet as well. The plane we originally chartered is about to take off on a test flight to determine if the repairs made overnight were successful.

    The team is not giving up and exploring ALL options to make this happen. Fish and Wildlife is being very supportive of our efforts but in no way will they extend the end date of our operation beyond the 19th due to the return of migratory species that have already begun to return early.

    We will update this website in 5 or 6 hours when the plane returns and is checked out. We are as frustrated as you.

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