Leaderboard scoring at T32C

    During the T32C expedition, a large number of stations have succeeded in working the maximum number of slots possible, or share the same number of slots as a large number of other stations. Using the “first past the post” scoring system, those who worked these slots first are ranked highest. Duplicates count negatively.

    This scoring system has been manipulated by a small number of stations operating illegally. They have determined that by using someone else’s callsign and working T32C, they can create duplicates and force that callsign down the leaderboard.

    In response to this problem, the scoring system for T32C is changing to a ranking that does not penalise duplicate QSOs. This removes the loophole that is being exploited.

    This change will be made live on 19 October, with the agreement of the T32C expedition team, to improve the fairness of the scoring.