LG5LG & SJ9WL – Morokulien

    • Message from Sven Ladegast, DJ2AT

    From May 22-31, 2012 look for Ron DL6AUK and Sven DJ2AT to be QRV from Morokulien, on the border between Norway and Sweden. All shortwave bands will be worked according to condx with focus on 40m and 20m. The call will be changed daily.

    For working the Morokulien award one needs 4 contacts with LG5LG / SJ9WL on different bands on different days and both calls must be worked. More information can be found here. During the last 2 days there will be QRP operation exclusively on 80m, 40m, 30m and 20m. Up-to-date information and QRV times will be found on QRZ.com page of DJ2AT shortly before the DXpedition starts.

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