[Reminder] Liberia DX News

    By Roger, G3SXW

    The VooDoo Contest Group will enter the CQWW CW contest this November for the 23rd straight year. This time we will be located just South of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, call-sign EL2A, multi-multi category.

    Operation with personal callsigns will commence on November 21st:

    • AA7A Ned as EL2NS
    • G4BWP Fred as EL2WP
    • KC7V Mike as EL2MF
    • KY7M Lee as EL2LF
    • N7CW Bud as EL2CW

    QSL via home call. LoTW uploads will be fast!

    We look forward to working everyone in the biggest and best contest of the year! Many thanks in advance for wonderful support from the Liberian Radio Amateur Association.