LoTW – Down


UPDATE – Logbook of the World should be returned to service by 9AM EST 09 Nov 2012 (2012-11-09 1400Z)

November 8 – In a comment, Tom N4NW updates readers with more info behind the current LoTW crash.

November 7 – ARRL have announced no data has been lost (contrary to DX World’s source) whilst they also have no time-frame on when LoTW will actually be back up and running.

ARRL Information Technology Manager Michael Keane, K1MK, is reporting that the Logbook of The World (LoTW) system is currently down for maintenance. “With the system temporarily down, radio amateurs are not able to access LoTW or upload their logs,” Keane explained. “No data has been lost, and everyone’s records are intact. We understand the problem and we are in the process of restoring service to LoTW, but we don’t know when that will happen.

November 6 — DX World.net has learned that potentially up to “45% of [recently] uploaded logs and delivered awards / DXCC certificates have been lost due to corrupted database / backups”. It’s currently unknown if the “missing” data can be retrieved.

As can be seen from the latest message on the ARRL LoTW homepage, the Logbook team is investigating the issue.

Earlier, users were seeing this particular message as they tried to log-in:

Fatal error: initializeLOTWDB: -709 – CONNECT: (cannot connect to server socket): General database error [initializeLOTWDB: -709 – CONNECT: (cannot connect to server socket)

Hopefully problems can be resolved.  An official update from LoTW developers would, of course, be beneficial.


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