Mayotte status change: How will this impact DXCC list ?

    The following is a guest post by Laurent, F1JKJ detailing his views on the forthcoming (2011) constitutional status change of Mayotte Island (FH). 

    • Why Mayotte should change of status?

    Currently, Mayotte (FH) is an “Overseas Collectivité” of France. As such, Mayotte appears in the U.S. State Department list. Given the inclusion in this list, Mayotte entity today qualifies as a “political” entity. In a referendum held on 29 March 2009, the population of Mayotte decided to change their constitutional status, so that the island will become (in 2011) an “overseas departments” (DOM, Département d’Outre Mer), with exactly the same status as the Reunion, Martinique, F. Guyana or Guadeloupe.

    The DXCC criteria states that the entity “must be listed on the U.S.Department of State’s list of “Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty” as having “a local administrative center “.

    FM, FG and FY are “on the list” but a note says that they “are departments (first-order administrative units) of France, and are therefore not dependencies or areas of special sovereignty.”

    Please note that FM, FG, FY (and therefore FH in the future) are NOT listed as having a local administrative center: They are on the list for convenience only and NO administrative center is listed. Their lines are empty.

    So my opinion is that when the constitutional change will take effect, Mayotte will no more qualify as a political entity.

    • Which is Glorioso’s parent entity ?

    If i understand well the end of Section 1 of the DXCC list criteria, a geographical entity’s parent must be a political entity.

    The French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF, in French) is not a political entity.

    So i see no other possibility: Glorioso’s parent is France. That was the case when it was added to the DXCC list in 1963, and that hasn’t changed since.

    • That’s why I see two possibilities:

    1. Recognize the TAAF as a political entity. It’s on the DoS list, so it makes sense!

    This entity could have Glorioso (and others) as geographical child.

    Glorioso and Mayotte wouldn’t share the same parent and could remain separate.

    2. Consider that Glorioso’s and Mayotte’s parent is France.

    In that case, they are too close to remain separate and they would merge as a single group.

    Best 73

    Laurent, F1JKJ