Midway Island: Press Release #6

    Midway Island   2009

    Press Release Number 6                                           August 22, 2009

    The K4M team has passed two important milestones this week. First we are pleased to present our transportation to Midway on October 9th 2009. The team has chartered the G1 with callsign N8E as shown below (picture taken on Palmyra).


    Secondly, all radios, computers, antennas, coax, and the rest of the tons of gear have left Hawaii on a supply ship to Midway and will wait for the team there.

    Fundraising continues on our website, www.midway2009.com . If you haven’t visited it in a while stop by and help support our effort. All pre expedition contributors who are on LOTW will receive their confirmations within a week of the end of the DXPedition.

    This month we are highlighting three more team members. You can read all their history at:   http://www.midway2009.com/meettheops5.html

    Tom N4XP    &   Dave WB4JTT      Co Leaders for Midway Island 2009