Midway K4M – Press Release II

    Press Release Number 2

    We are pleased to announce the anticipated dates for the DXpedition are now set for 9 through 19 October. These dates have been selected to allow maximum operation for the eleven days we will be on the island and most importantly provide Midway Island over two weekends.

    Logistical planning is under way and equipment is being arranged. Plans for six stations to be located in two separate locations are proceeding with two antenna fields feeding these two operating sites. Modes will be CW, SSB and RTTY with at least one station on 20 meters 24 hours a day to provide that new entity to those who need it. A link is now provided showing the radio site at the X on the beach area on the north side of the island where the operating positions will be located.

    The DXpedition web site www.midway2009.com is fully functional. New additions are a poll to find out what bands and modes are most needed and a Midway 2009 memorabilia store. Follow the links to tell us your Midway DX needs and to add to your DX memorabilia collection.

    The team is highly experienced and anxious. We invite you to become familiar with some of the team by visiting http://www.midway2009.com/meettheops.html

    Tom N4XP & Dave WB4JTT

    Co Leaders for Midway Island 2009