MM0DFV – 7000km journey across Europe/Asia

    Jurij, MM0DFV
    Jurij, MM0DFV

    Jurij, MM0DFV begins on 7 July a 7000km journey across Europe and Asia. With his mobile HF station, below he chooses the following route taking in many countries along the way:

    • GM – Scotland (MM0DFV/M)
    • G – England (M0DFV/M)
    • F – France (F/MM0DFV/M)
    • ON – Belgium (ON/MM0DFV/M)
    • DL – Germany (DL/MM0DFV/M)
    • SP – Poland (SP/MM0DFV/M)
    • EU – Belarus (Call is not yet known)
    • UA – Russia (call upon arrival)
    • UN – Kazakhstan (probably UN/RN3FX).

    It’s most likely Jurij will be active on PSK mode, and for each country there is a separate QSL card.

    On August 10, he arrives back in Scotland.