MS0INT – Flannan Isles EU-118

    Activated in 1989, 1995, 1999 and 2002, the mysterious Flannan Isles are certainly a much needed IOTA. Extremely difficult to access due to North Atlantic weather systems constantly eroding the only two available landing sites, a determined international group of IOTA enthusiasts intend to activate the Flannan Isles (EU-118) between June 18-21, 2010.

    Weather/seas permitting, the activation will be attempted by Oscar EA1DR, George EA2TA, Christian EA3NT, Col MM0NDX, Vincent F4BKV and Bjorn SM0MDG.  With a little over 12 weeks to go before this tricky IOTA activation, the team would like to remind enthusiasts to visit the MS0INT website for more details on the expedition and how you can support/assist them.

    Above are the two most recent images of the Flannan Isles. The team hope for slightly better seas !