Message from Rick, K6VVA
    (Sent from Barrow, Alask)

    Mike/K9AJ and I obtained a Land Use Permit to access and activate NA-172 after our NA-242 operation (3,875 QSOs with 2 man team), but are now rescheduling for July, 2012. This was due to questionable propagation and the auoral zone effects which affected us in NA-242). We also want to make it a longer activation to give more IOTA Chasers an opportunity for a QSO.

    As it turned out, our plane for the return from NA-242 to Barrow was delayed which would have further reduced our already limited QRV plans for NA-172. While here in Barrow, today we had a helicopter QRX to take us out for a close up recon flight of NA-172, but could not make the trip because of the local fog problems all day long.

    Most importantly, SAFETY concerns always rule. Had we managed to get on the Island, even with Bear Guards, the dense fog would have meant limited visibility and NOT a safe situation.

    Stay tuned for further details about NA-172 in 2012.

    FYI & 73 from Barrow, Alaska (The Top Of The World)..

    Rick, K6VVA & Mike, K9AJ