New 9N1 calls to be issued in November.

    • By Sam 9N7AK/K0YAK

    For around ten years, amateur radio in Nepal has been in an unfortunate situation: although visiting foreign hams such as myself could obtain a temporary (9N7) call within a few days, it was impossible for Nepali citizens to become licensed. The syllabus for the exam was “under revision,” and even Nepalis holding a foreign license could not have that license recognized. No longer!

    In early November, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) will hold a license exam [notice in Nepali]. They plan to hold future exams yearly, and can do so more often if there is sufficient interest. According to Satish (9N1AA), around 45 Nepalis have applied to sit for the exam. So, we should very soon have many new 9N1 friends on the air. [read more]