New rules for radio amateurs in Ukraine. (Updated)

    Important update by Euvgen UW5ZM:

    These rules only apply for new hams. We all have authorization papers in our hands where it’s written what our band plan is, and the date when this authorization paper ends (red marker). For example this is the authorization papers of UY0ZG. It means that many Ukrainian hams do have permission to work on 10100-10150kHz, 14250-14350kHz for 2013-2015.

    Management of UARL has promised us that the mistake about our new band plan is only a mistake and all will be ok shortly.

    • Message from Alexander, UY0LL

    On March 11, 2011 the Ukrainian government confirmed new rules for radio amateurs. We lost the following frequencies:

    10100-10150kHz, 14250-14350kHz, 1240-1300MHz, 2300-2450MHz, 5670-5850MHz, 10-10.1GHz, 10.15-10.5GHZ, 24.05-24.25GHz, 76-77.5GHz, 78-81GHz, 122.25-123.0GHz, 134-136GHz, 136-141GHz, 241-248GHz, 248-250GHz.