News – 9Q0AR

    Finally, after two years hard work, good news from The Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Thanks to STARS for tranceiver & antenna donation. To the Belgian DX Team for support and training. Foremost thanks to Pascal ON4CFC who lives in Kinshasa and helped new members on the training course together with 9Q1PM and 9Q1HN.

    The following list of newly licensed operators; YL / OM:


    9Q1BT – Tshiela Brigite, 9Q1ALA – Akongunuka Annie, 9Q1AD – Diluzeyi Angelique, 9Q1AK – Kitete Agnes, 9Q1LJ – Lihau Jeanine, 9Q1MM – Mbuyi Marie Luise, 9Q1YM – Muaka Ngimbi Yvette, 9Q1NH – Nsele Hortense, 9Q1FS – Sua Francoise, 9Q1NW – Watuala Webe Nicole.


    9Q1RM – Muamba Richard, 9Q1WM – Mulumba Wamans, 9Q1JL – Lukusa Jean Willy, 9Q1RE – Ekaya Robert, 9Q1JI – Ifaso Jean Maurice, 9Q1HN – Ngilima Henry, 9Q1PM – Pascal Mbuyi, 9Q1KM – Mpinda Khal, 9Q1LE – Enyeka Lazare, 9Q1CM – Makiamfu Jean Claude, 9Q1MP – Mangala Jean Pierre, 9Q1HM – Mbenga Hermes, 9Q1DN – Ngelebeya Dieudonne.

    This list is of the only real operators who passed the first exam on 27 Jan 2012 and own a P.N.T.C Amateur Radio certificate.

    ON4CFC has received the 9Q1CFC trainer certificate from the office general secretariat P.N.T.C RDC Kinshasa.

    9Q0AR – DXCC accepted – will again soon be on air.