News from Easter Island (XR0Y)


    UPDATE: Nov 2, 2009. More bad news hits the team. With the IC-756ProIII still missing, now comes word of a broken IC-7000. Additionally, they are having problems erecting the Spiderbeam due to very heavy rain and strong wind gusts. The QRN on 80m is huge.

    • The following important info has come to light from Stan SQ8X, team leader of XR0Y.
    • At this moment in time, the XR0Y team are missing vital equipment. An IC-756 Pro-III and RTTY interfaces have not arrived on the island with them. It’s unknown whether they are lost, stolen or still to appear due to airline mix-up.

    The team have no internet connection at their chosen QTH (there is a small internet cafe a distance away where they send log updates). The only way they have to get latest messages across are via ham radio & SMS.

    The latest SMS message explains they have no idea what is happening with lost gear and they will not update anything on the XR0Y website until they get a proper internet connection.

    Currently, they do not use RTTY until hopefully the missing equipment shows.

    The weather isn’t so kind to the team either – torrential rain and strong winds have delayed the launch of the 80/160m vertical, although the 30m vertical is soon to be used..