News – RI1ANF & RI1ANU – South Shetland Islands

    Oleg, RI1ANF/P is quite often active from the Russian Priroda Refuge (WAP RUS-15), not too far away Bellingshausen Base, on South Shetlands. On his previous visits to Priroda Refuge (Oct. 21-22 and Oct. 25 through 28) Oleg made over 1200 QSOs. He will try to activate Priroda Refuge again the first week of November. QSL via RK1PWA.

    Oleg Neruchev, ZS1OIN (UA3HK), will replace Oleg Sakharov as new Chief of Bellingshausen Base (WAP RUS-Ø1) and will be QRV on all bands, mostly CW, after February 12th as RI1ANU instead of RI1ANF.

    More info about Antarctica on WAP website.