NH8S – Swains Island


    Sept 16 – NH8S QRT @ 0400UTC

    Sept 15 – from Craig, K9CT @ NH8S

    Good openings to EU last night and really all parts of the world. Ops getting very tired. Several of us skipped shifts to get some sleep. It is very hard to work pileups when you get so tired. Several others did double shifts to cover.

    The next 48 hours may be our last as we have to start tearing down in time for the arrival of our boat back. No set time yet on QRT but it is in that window. Anyone that needs us for an all time new one is forewarned to get us in their log.

    We are noticing some salt water effects on connections to radios and antennas. Repairs are continuous.

    A couple of ops have had some swelling from infections from sun exposure and mosquito bites. Some rest is required to avoid more serious effects.

    Sept 13 – from Craig, K9CT on Swains Island

    We had a storm last night. Bent over the 75m antenna. Guys stayed in place. I don’t know what can be done with it yet. 20m SSB SVDA also blew over but looks ok. It can be repaired. CW is intact. It was so noisy that we could not hear the pileups and had to hold off. We thought the tent was going to blow us away. We stayed past our shift waiting for the new crew. WB9Z had fallen asleep in his hammock just as the storm hit and got absolutely soaked…now that would have made for a good video!

    Some new photos: http://www.nh8s.org/pages/photos.html

    Sept 8First logs now uploaded

    Sept 7 – Now QRV: [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/nh8s-20ssb-tnx-N6ML.mp3|titles=nh8s-20ssb-tnx N6ML]


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