Noise level at E44M QTH

    We have strong noises from all the electric motors in the neighbourhood. Nothing is grounded here and for sure we had big problems with 3 king-size lifts (elevator) in our hotel.

    When the pilgrims come back to the tours (sunset) or go out (sunrise) we had much much more noise. You can imagine at lunch time when the lifts are full! But these are not the only noises that are jamming us.


    Above is an example with the stronger signals…this is the disturbance during the high signals from Europe; think about when the signals are coming from long path….It is a very hard job. Plus we have strange noise (time to time) that seems some military jam…but we are not able to identify these noises.

    We put a piece of tape in the elevator door to block it – in 5 minutes we were forced to take it off…

    Noise all day, noise all night!  What people are doing in the lift during the night???

    In any case this is just an example made “on the fly”.

    Best 73 de Giorgio IZ4AKS and Vinicio IK2CIO


    One other video showing the local QRM: