Nordkapp Expedition IOTA & WFF

    Bert, DL2RNS, and Ric, DL2VFR, will be leaving on the 24th of May and heading north. On our way we expect to activate IOTA EU-087 (Aln̦n or Hemșn) for a short time signing SD7V/3 & SM3/DL2RNS Рmost likely on the 26th of May.

    Our main objective is the activation of Mageroya (IOTA EU-044) from 28–31 May as LA/DL2RNS & LA/DL2VFR mostly in CW using high power. On the way back we are planning to activate the Pallas-Yllästtunturin National Park OHFF-018 possibly for the first time for a couple of hours using OH9/DL2RNS & OH9/DL2VFR. This could be on the 31st of May.

    On June 1st we stop on Seskarö (IOTA EU-139) for one day operating under SM2/DL2RNS and SD7V/2 with high power again.

    If there is a chance we will give short updates from our over 6000km trip.

    QSL via the respective homecall and for SD7V via DL2VFR.