NZ special calls for the Rugby World Cup

    • Message from Gary, ZL2IFB

    To celebrate the Rugby World Cup which runs from September 9th to October 23rd, New Zealand amateurs are permitted to use the ZM prefix in place of our normal ZL throughout September and October. In addition, special event stations are already on air, including ZL4RUGBY (operated by Paul ZL4PW) and ZL6RWC (operated by various members and friends of the Papakura Radio Club, including me).

    We will be making a special effort to contact amateurs in countries whose teams are playing in the lead up to their games, but naturally we welcome QSOs with rugby fans and DXers everywhere. So roll up roll up, work us on as many bands and modes as you can and join us in celebrating the wonderful game of rugby.

    QSL ZL6RWC via ZL1VK