ODXG: Vanuatu 2011

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the other end of a pileup? Want to try a Dxpedition with the support of the Oceania Amateur Radio DX Group?

    Rated the 70th most sought after DXCC entity for Europe and being reasonably rare DX coupled with a sought-after multiplier for the Oceania DX Contest should prove a good formula for high QSO rates, good pileups and fun for new operators to learn the ropes.

    Arrive Port Vila on 28th September to get setup. Operate the 2 contest weekends with relaxed DX-pedition operation 3rd-7th October – another 2-3 days of relaxed operation following the CW Contest. We look at leaving Vanuatu on 14th Oct.

    This timeline offers people the chance to do some sightseeing. Plans are still developing and depending on interest, ODXG will run multiple stations from two separate locations on the island of Efate (Port Vila) which is just a 4 hour flight from Melbourne. There are regular flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane direct to Port Vila. The budget will be finalised once we confirm the numbers, but look to budget a total of $2,000 for return airfares (ex-Melb/Syd) inc accommodation, food etc.

    Any interested people should register interest with Chris VK3QB. Please provide a brief overview of your interest, any relevant or special skills (many skills contribute to a successful DX-pedition) that may be useful for the trip. Vk3qb@wia.org.au