OH8X, CR2X, TC4X, 5R8WW, ZD8O, ZB2X & OH0X – Radio Arcala Network

    • Message from Jarmo J. Jaakola, OH2BN

    The 2010 CQWW CW will shortly be dominating the bands, only to prompt several OH’s to leave their Northerly fireworks and head South. But at the same time, the fire is set at the home of OH8X, Radio Arcala, Northern Finland, right next to the Santa Claus Village in the spirit of Christmas.

    So, the mother OH8X will be operated by Pasi, OH6UM while the Azores, CR2X will have Toni, OH2UA at the helm, and the OH2BH station will be piloted by Ilkka, OH1WZ, all in the single-op, all-band category. Traveling to Turkey, TC4X will be Pertti, OH2PM for a single-band effort while Pekka, OH2TA; Juha, OH1ND and Martti, OH2BH will fire up OH0X, Aland Islands, for a multi-op, single-TX entry.

    Adding to the OH CQWW fun from these rare ones will be Olli, OH0XX from Madagascar as 5R8WW; Marko, OH6DO/N5ZO from Ascension Island as ZD8O and Jorma, OH2KI from Gibraltar as ZB2X.

    Radio Arcala and their associates are here to contribute to the premier contesting event of the year and offer you another round of exciting multipliers.

    • OH8X via OH2UA
    • CR2X via OH2BH
    • TC4X via OH2BH
    • 5R8WW via OH0XX
    • ZD8O via OH0XX
    • ZB2X via OH2KI
    • OH0X via OH2TA