Okinawa: 50th Amateur Radio Festival

    • Period: January 1 – December 31, 2011 

    In 1961, KR8 Hams were allowed in Okinawa. To commemorate this 50th anniversary of ham radio activity in Okinawa, look for JR-JS6 stations to sign with the following special IATA airport codes after their suffix.

    For example: JR6GV/OKA50 or JS6PSH/OKA50

    Note: 8J6HAM/OKA50 is active only until January 8, 2011.

    Regional Operations IOTA # Airport Name IATA code
    Okinawa island AS-017 Naha OKA
    Ie 〃 〃 Ie Airport IEJ
    Aguni 〃 〃 Aguni Airport AGJ
    Kerama Islands 〃 〃 Kerama Airport KJP
    Shima Kume 〃 〃 Kumejima Airport UEO
    Miyako AS-079 Miyako Airport ï¼­ï¼­ï¼¹
    Shimoji 〃 〃 Shimoji Island Airport SHI
    Tarama 〃 〃 Tarama Airport TRA
    Shima Ishigaki AS-024 Ishigaki Airport ISG
    Yonaguni 〃 〃 Yonaguni Airport OGN
    Hateruma 〃 〃 Hateruma Airport HTR
    Kita-Daito Island AS-047 Kita-Daito Airport KTD
    Minami-Daito Island 〃 〃 Minami-Daito Airport MMD