Open Letter by UR9IDX

    In response to “Is 4S7DXG legit?”, Ivan UR9IDX would like to clarify some important points.

    I have recently been busy exchanging emails with the IOTA and DXCC committees. Couple of days ago I received a note from UR5LCV [IOTA checkpoint] that Islands on the Air committee has credited my DXpedition to AS-171 Isl.

    On DX World website there was information from Sri Lankan hams about my work and call sign being illegal. Now, I’d like to comment on an article by Viktor 4S7VK. He appeared to be enraged and envious due to my successful operating. In fact, he wrote lies and slander in his letter on this site. 4S7VK writes that he’s actively working on HF bands with his friend Domico 4S7DF –  this is false. I want to ask if you’ve heard these callsigns often? When was the last time you’ve heard any station from Sri Lanka (except 4S7NE). Despite this country having over 300 registered licenses enlisted as members of its association (RSSL) (who to my guessing are all just licenses and not people working on air), Sri Lanka still remains a wanted DX territory.

    Now back to Viktor’s (4S7VK) letter to DX World.

    • He claims that I brought hardware to Sri Lanka as contraband. I wonder, where this claim comes from? All the hardware that was brought to the country, and brought out afterwards was mandatory declared in the customs office and in virtue of such declaration I obtained a ham license in Sri Lanka. Without customs declaration you can’t obtain a license in this country (example Alex UX4UL who could not receive a license in 2010).
    • He also claims that I used my call 4S7DXG for 160m band work from Ukraine in 2010. This could only be written by someone who has no idea about being on air on this band. I want to refute this claim by referring to OH8X site, DX-cluster. If you search 4S7DXG on 160m, there will be no records for the year 2010. So these claims are just complete lies!
    • He also claims that IOTA AS-171 only includes Barberin Isl. Obviously he does not know the entire list of islands, which belong to AS-171 group. After being in contact with these men I am never ceased to be surprised with their primitive insolence. For example, to get a license on Sri Lanka you must provide two characterizations of you made by local hams, whom you’ve never seen in your life, of course. (Scans of the application form, where this requirement is set I have and can provide). So you need to find a Radio League (which does not have an office) in a week, and that is an uneasy task because there are only two men related to the League – Domico 4S7DF and Viktor 4S7VK.
    • I am very sorry about the situation with Viktor and Domico. As an active operator I know how interested readers are in making contacts with Sri Lanka. Viktor and Domico are bad people with no ethics and morality. Please, check lookups of their calls on and compare these with 4S7DXG. They are so called leaders of their League.
    • Also Viktor (4S7VK) writes that Sri Lanka’s license only allows working from immobile positions, which is also a lie – it can be easily proved, because in the application form (of which I have copies) where is specifically said “MOBILE” and “PORTABLE”.

    I hope that after my comments to counter the claims of this deceitful couple the situation is way clearer. If other questions appear my phone number and email can be found on

    Now I’d like to thank each and all who’ve made QSOs with me. Also all my sponsors and friends who have provided very necessary help. Also I’d like to say that the QSLs are printed and all incoming mail with QSLs is replied to. Some photos of DXpedition are placed on QRZ pages of 4S7DXG (45000 QSOs) and 8Q7VR (21000 QSOs).

    See you all on air during future expeditions.

    73! Ivan UR9IDX

    PS: Photocopies of all the licencing documents can be downloaded here.