Opening For World's Northernmost Contest Team – OH8X

    Far above 60 degrees North in the icy arctic reaches of Northern Finland lies a log house with an original Finnish sauna and cozy sleeping quarters along with the radio station OH8X with its massive antennas springing up from the barren tundra. See

    Should you like to experience the deep North with its blazing Aurora Borealis coupled with unique polar openings to the United States, this is your chance. Radio Arcala will host four or five younger contest types participating as a multi team in the ARRL DX (CW) Contest on the weekend of February 20-21, 2010. The event will start Thursday evening on the 18th and finish on Monday the 22nd. SSB/WARC operating will also be available on those days, including on a limited scale during the contest weekend.

    Your destination will be the city of Oulu from where we will take care of you. Just drop us a note and explain your desire as well as your potential as an operator on a multinational CW team. Send your email to team leader Marius Hauki, LB3HC [] and he will give you more details. Please contact Marius soonest but no later than January 30th.

    You may also approach your favorite Contest Club and/or contest operators in your area for their expected support in making your trip a reality. You would owe them an adventure report upon your return.

    ((( 73 )))
    Jarmo OH2BN