Outstanding new movie features ham radio

    Do you remember recently posted video of RIØB shot in Chukotka – Far East Asiatic Russia? If you’re interested in this kind of wilderness and adventure, this news is for you, too. The most recent Berlin International Film Festival brought 3 silver bears prizes to a Russian director Alexei Popogrebsky – author of “How I ended this summer” (“Kak ya provel etim letom”) and actors of the movie. The drama is a mixture of sensation, wild polar environment and… some elements of ham radio (no wonder- all those remote regions rely on wireless communication). Looks like this is gonna be a good reason to spot the movie in a theater for all hams interested in good cinematography. See the trailer:

    [youtube WquBlPppWvo How I ended this summer – the movie]

    Interesting the movie-makers have been spotting 3 polar bears threatening the movie set. Those 3 white bears became “silver” then 🙂 See “making of” trailer.

    posted by SQ8X