OX/DF9TM, OX/DL2SWW, OX/DL1RTL & OX/DL2VFR – Tasillaq Island, NA-151

    • [October 21] Now QRV from NA-151 with an update from Ric, DL2VFR

    We arrived on NA-151 yesterday abt. 1600 UTC. There was a little delay because our antenna tuner was damaged a bit on the flight. We fixed the problem and started 2130 with the operation. Meanwhile after 12 hrs we have more than 1000 contacts in the log. Please give a chance to stations who need NA-151 as a new one. First logs will be uploaded today to “Clublog”. Have a look at our website www.na-151.de

    73 from East Greenland / Tasiilaq
    Ric, OX/DL2VFR


    • [October 12] Message from Enrico (Ric) Stumpf-Siering, DL2VFR

    In exactly one week we will depart heading to Tasiilaq in Greenland on IOTA NA-151!

    OX/DF9TM, OX/DL2SWW, OX/DL1RTL and OX/DL2VFR will be active from 160 to 10 meters as far as propagation allows in CW, SSB and RTTY with high power. You can find more detailed information on our website

    We are very pleased that the German DX Foundation (GDXF) the Nippon DX Association (NDXA) and some individuals as JA1BPA are sponsors of our expedition. We hope to work as many as possible between 20th and 30th October from NA-151.


    *Note: Here is a slideshow dedicated to East Greenland polar bases – some of these bases are located on Ammassalik island NA-151. [tnx F5PFP]

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