OX/G4MFX: Greenland

    • By Graham, G4MFX

    The following operations are working trips and operating times will therefore be very limited. It is anticipated that operations will take place from a hotel or in the countryside from a car. I will be using an FT817ND (5 Watts) feeding into end fed half-waves for 40m, 20m or 17m. The positioning of these antennas is unlikely to be ideal (there are no trees in Greenland). Operations will be SSB only.

    • March 24 to April 9: Sisimiut, NA-018
    • April 10 to 15: Ilulissat, NA-018
    • 16 to 18 April: Aasiaat, NA-134

    Flights are booked for Sismiut and Ilulissat, but Aasiaat has yet to be confirmed.

    QSL via G4MFX.