OY/SP6IXF and OY/SP7VC – Faroe Islands

    OY/SP6IXF and OY/SP7VC will be operating from the Faroe Islands in IP61 grid square between 10 – 16 August, 2009.

    They plan to be active on 160m-6m SSB and 2m (Random 144355.0 MHz) Meteorscatter FSK441 in Perseids. For VHF is 2M5WL Yagi and 6el.Yagi for 6m.

    Our HF antenna system will consist of Spiderbeam, R-7 and INV-L for 80-160m + beverages. Each band will be with PA (GS-35 for 2m and GU-43 for HF+6m).

    Maybe it will be possible for SP7VC/MM to be active across the “marine grid square” on 2 and 6m on the way from Denmark via Shetlands to the Faeroes
    (IC-706 + 4EL. Yagi 2m + vertical 6m) JO37,27,17,18,19,09 and IP 80,81,71.

    Tnx to Mek, SP7VC