P29 – IOTA expedition


    QRV:  [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2012Oct21-1240z-P29VCX-14.260MHz-SSB-tnx-JA0RUG.mp3|titles=2012Oct21-1240z-P29VCX-14.260MHz-SSB-tnx JA0RUG]

    October 14 – Update from Hans SM6CVX:

    Just less than a week before first stop on our six different P29-island activty. Please remember if you need QSL from old/new islands from our activety, include 2 USD or 1 new IRC for maximum 4 islands. If you ask for more than 4 islands QSLs, please include 4 USD or 2 New IRCs to cover postage. All logs from 2005 up to 2012 still in hands of SM6CVX  and G3KHZ. This year 5 operators will do most bands with CW  priority, but also SSB, RTTY and some PSK31.

    September 21P29VPB callsign added for OC-069 activity.

    An international team will visit 5 islands belonging to Papua New Guinea between 19 October and 4 November.

    The team is G3KHZ Derek, SM6CVX Hans, HB9BXE Hans-Peter, K5WQG Eddy, DL6KVA Axel and non-ham Stig Nyman.

    Website for full details.


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