P29FR – Papua New Guinea


    P29FR in Papua New Guinea is I2KRR, Renzo, volunteering technical support to the Catholic mission in Vanimo, on the north coast of the main island. Renzo was also active as 9J2FR from 1989-2000.

    In PNG, Renzo is working on improving antennas at the mission. He has an FT-857 due to its light weight. For antennas, materials available around Vanimo are wood and wire. He may build a quad, even a one-ele loop. Presently, the antennas are dipoles for all bands.

    His time available for radio is generally in the local evenings, plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Renzo’s license is “full and unlimited” and he plans to be there until March, 2012.

    QSL via I2RFJ direct or bureau.