Pacific DX-trip: Operators wanted.

    Claudia, K2LEO/PA3LEO and Andrea, IK1PMR – well known travellers and members of several international DXpeditions such as T33C, 6O0CW, 4O3T, VU4AN, JT1Y, CW2C, TX4PG, 3D2MR etc – are planning a Pacific DX-trip for November/December, 2009.

    Preliminary planning includes DX activity from 5W (Western Samoa) A3 (Tonga) & possibly E51(Cook Islands).

    They are inviting DXers (with or without DXpedition experience) to join the planning/trip, even for a single destination (A3 being the main DX stopover).

    Their web pages – still preliminary – are at where you can contact if interested in joining Claudia and Andrea’s Pacific DX trip.