Pile-Up Chaos

    • By Roger Western G3SXW – Guest author.

    Some of the pile-up chaos that we all suffer these days could be reduced if DXpedition operators avoided making the worst mistakes: identifying infrequently, spreading the pile over the whole band etc. I find it strange that DXpeditioners make huge efforts to set up the whole project (travel, licences, antennas etc) but fail to realise that operating skills also need to be maximised. This seems to be taken for granted: “I know how to operate”.

    There’s a lot of reading material (e.g. W9KNI, N7NG) and simulation software. If large pile-ups are expected and they are new to the game then maybe it’s worth spending some time practising. Even just listening to how skilled pile-up operators manage their frequency can help.

    73 de Roger/G3SXW.