Pingtan Island, AS-138

    Message from Dale, BA4TB:

    From July 24 to 29 members of JSDXC, namley BA4TA, BA4RC, BA4RS, BA4RN, BA4WI, BA4RB, BA4TB, BA4VE, BH4REQ, BH4ROO, BD4REB, BD4RPJ, BG4RQJ, BH4RLO and BD5RV will activate Pingtan Island AS-138 on HF and VHF. During IOTA contest they will be using B4R/5. Before and after the contest, they will use homecall/5 on HF also 6m, 2m and 70cm EME/satellite. QSL’s via homecalls while B4R/5 via BA4TB.

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