Pirates & FT5GA

    The following has been released by Carl Smith, N4AA of QRZ DX / DX Magazine and is displayed in its entirety:

    Hello DXers: This is a SPECIAL BULLETIN and the following will reveal why:

    I have been contacted by a person (who I will NOT name) who has the capability to pin point (very accurately) the source of an on the air signal. What I am saying is this person has the professional equipment and the expertise to monitor a signal on the ham bands and determine to a very narrow area where that signal is coming from.

    Apparently there was a pirate on 10114 last night signing FT5GA. That signal was NOT coming from Glorioso, it was coming from QUEBEC in CANADA, NNE of Montreal. On two other days, pirate signals were monitored signing FT5GA, one was coming from LATVIA and the other from the SOUTH COAST OF SICILY.

    These pirates should be relatively easy for local DXers to find. They need to be specifically identified and pressure brought to bear on them to cease their deliberate and illegal activities.

    The source that I mentioned above will continue to provide periodic reports like this and I will continue to publish the locations of these irresponsible persons. I ask for those within the areas identified pay particular attention and use whatever means are available to them to put a stop to these activities.

    Your cooperation with the identification of these pirates will be appreciated by all of us.

    Carl, N4AA