PJ4B – Update

    • From Rob, PA3GVI of PJ4B team

    First week on the island went very quickly, but we sure enjoy the many contacts on the HF bands. Many people have logged into the PJ4B livestream and we got nice feedback along the way. I have great fun working 160/CW but powerline noise and QRM is killing. No need to say that the rate on this band is often low. Yesterday morning I made about 60 QSO’s in 2 hours but felt satisfied with the thought that I made a couple hams very happy. It were mostly European and US stations that got into the 160 log with the exeption of FK8CP. Remi had logged into the chat and we tried a sked at his SR. No cantact then, but about one hour later it was a ‘good new one’ with 559 both ways. In the evening V51B from Namibia came to the chat and I turned the yagi towards his part of the world. This was not difficult at all, Namibia on 40/SSB,….piece of cake. Two happy hams!

    Fred/PA8F joined this weekends JARTS RTTY contest as Single Operator/Low Power with PJ4B. He made 1447 QSO’s with a claimed score of 809.523 points.  Logs have been uploaded up till 18 october 0000z. There are many people asking for skeds and we do the best we can and as quickly as possible.

    Feel free to join into our:

    73, and hope to make contact soon.

    The PJ4B team (PA8A, PA8F, PA3GVI)