PJ4E – Bonaire

    • By Ed W0SD

    PJ4E will be on six meters from approximately June 4th to June 19th. We will be operating in the attended beacon mode. The frequency will be 50.103 since we will be there ahead of the other PJ Caribbean DX-Peditions. There will be some HF operation, mainly RTTY but six meters will always be on the air.

    Operators will be W0SD Ed, W0OE Edith and PJ4NX Peter. The QSL manager will be W0SD. Unfortunately Arliss W7XU and Holly N0QJM will not be on the trip this year due to work conflicts.

    A later announcement will be made in regards to on line logs. The operation will be from a rented house and will be our normal six meter set up with a good antenna and power.