PJ6/Saba – NA145


    Saba, NA145
    Saba, NA145

    Chris Drummond W6HFP, Steve Galcchutt N0TU, and Guy Hamblen N7UN, all part of the “Buddies in the Caribbean” Dxpedition to FS/Saint Martin and PJ7/Sint Maarten Feb. 4-11, will take a two day operating adventure trip to PJ6/Saba Island on Feb 6 and 7th, which should be of interest to most IOTA chasers since it carries the designation IOTA NA145.

    Saba, with dramatic volcanic topography, is best known for the nearly 3,000 ft (887m) Mt. Scenery and rugged coastline cliffs.

    The goal of the two day adventure is to undertake the strenous and demanding climb up Mt Scenary and operate battery portable with BuddiPole antennas. Additionally the team intends to operate battery portable from the north shore cliffs with great takeoffs to Europe and the US. Saba is IOTA NA145.

    For more information on the entire DXpedition and the latest updates, please see the blog at: http://caribbeanbuddies.blogspot.com

    Tom WW5L