• Message from Marco, PE2MC

    The DXpedition is now QRT and the final logs for PJ4B, PJ4D and PJ4W have been uploaded.

    Due to an internet outage during the last 4 days of our stay, keeping the logs updated proved to be a real challenge. The outage also put the kibosh on our real time log and video stream during the last 4 days. However, we hope you enjoyed watching and listening in while the feeds were live.

    Score is about 60.000 QSO’s in log:

    34000 – PJ4D
    15000 – PJ4B
    8000 – PJ4W
    2000 – PJ4LS
    400 – PJ4/PG4M

    PJ4I and PJ4N did not upload their log online.


    See ya on our next Dxpedition.

    PJ4D team PE2MC, PE2KY, PG4M, PJ4NX, W0LSD, N0VD, K6AM, W4PA.