Planned C5 Operation (Gambia) 2009

    Update:  C56ETF is the callsign issued


    I (GW0ETF) will be holidaying in the Gambia for 2 weeks from February 23rd 2009 and plan on taking my K3 for some casual operating; probably CW only and mainly 20m but perhaps some RTTY. I won’t have the licence until I arrive but will ask for C56/GW0ETF to keep it simple.

    If all goes to plan please follow these QSL guidelines:-

    • QSL via GW0ETF
    • Do NOT send cards to the buro, they won’t reach me!
    • You can request a direct card by sending a self addressed envelope to QTHR with either a *valid* IRC or $2 US for dx; UK stations a self addressed stamped envelope please. I don’t collect cards now so if you want to save your cards you can enter *all* qso details on a slip of paper or on the inside of the envelope.
    • If you’re in no hurry you can request a card by email and I will qsl via the buro. Don’t forget to include all necessary qso details in the email..!
    • I won’t have a call until after I arrive in the Gambia so cards will have to be printed after my return. No point therefore requesting a QSL until April 1st at the earliest.

    Thanks for your co-operation. 

    de GW0ETF