Preparation for ZK3, T31 and FW in September / October 2010.

    New Schedule:

    • September 29th 2010, Loading in Apia and departure Apia to Republic of Tokelau, Island, Fakaofo
    • September 30th 2010 arriving Fakaofo
    • September 30th 2010 departure from Isl. Tokelau
    • October 1st 2010 Traveling to Canton Island
    • October 2nd 2010 Arriving to Canton Island, early morning
    • October 2nd October till 11th 2010 activity from Canton Island
    • October 11th 2010,activity and afternoon departure Canton Island
    • October 13th 2010 arriving Wallis Isl.
    • October 13th 2010 departure Wallis isl.
    • October 16th Arriving Fiji Isl.

    More info to follow. Website.

    Hat-tip: UW5ZM