Press Release – DXpeditions to Somalia

    Some weeks ago, the Intrepid-DX Group announced our plans for a large, multi-national DXpedition to Hargeysa, Somaliland scheduled for November, 2012. It is our intent to serve the areas not previously well served by the two previous DXpeditions to Somalia.

    Yesterday, the Italian DX group, led by I2YSB announced their imminent plans to activate Somalia under the guise of a “Humanitarian DXpedition”

    We believe that merely posing for a photo with an ambulance donated by a major corporation does not rise to the level of a humanitarian mission.

    We ask the DX community to not condone, nor support this kind of activity. The Italian DX group has not consulted with us, nor apparently considered our previous announcement.

    We believe that it is inappropriate for them to place their DXpedition to this entity ahead of our previously announced plans.

    Paul N6PSE
    The Intrepid-DX Group