Press Release III – K4M Midway Island

    May 13, 2009

    Arrangements and plans are moving along without difficulty for the scheduled operation date of October 9 – 19, 2009.

    We would like to announce the addition of three new members, Carlos EA1IR, Craig K9CT and Oscar EA1DR to the team. Carlos, Craig and Oscar come to us with DXpedition experience and we look forward to having them as members of the team.

    Numerous equipment suppliers and manufacturers are on line with their support. When you deal with these companies or individuals please take a moment and thank them for providing support to not only this DXpedition but to all DXpeditions. Currently Acom, Heil, Rig Expert, The Battle Creek Group, WX0B, Cable Experts, ELLI Print, QRZ-DX, The Daily DX, IZ2KTZ, W8AEF, and W6SZN are providing equipment or support of some type.

    The team would like to thank NCDXF, The Colvin Award, Southwest Ohio DX Association, The German DX Foundation, INDEXA, The Southeastern DX Club, The Lone Star DX Association, The Danish DX Group and others for their generous donations. You may also contribute and we will appreciate your support. Contributions can be forwarded several ways, via the web site using Pay Pal, credit card or U.S. Mail. All contributions are noted on the web site and depending on the level of support will be noted on the DXpedition QSL.

    Many of the team members will be at Dayton and look forward to seeing you. Please say hello when you see a member sporting the Blue NCDXF T shirt with the K4M call walking around.

    Two additional official web site features announced last month – The Midway Memorabilia Store and the DX poll are being well received. Take a look at the poll and see where your needs stand in regard to the rest of the DX world.

    This month we are highlighting three more team members. You can read all their history at

    Tom N4XP & Dave WB4JTT – Co Leaders for Midway Island 2009