Propagation Flash News – X1.7 Flare Unleashed


    At 1837 UTC a strong X1.7-class flare took place from AR1402. Radio blackouts and S.I.D. expected on sunlit zones of the Earth.

    As the Active Region is on the Eastern limb of the Sun, a CME will not hit our geomagnetic field in the next few days.


    VP6T operators informed of “total blackout conditions”. Looking at the above map, it’s clear to see they are in the middle of the red hole!

    For more news and alerts stay tuned with us.

    73 and good DX

    Max Laconca – IK8LOV

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    SSN: SESC Sunspot Number by SWPC-NOAA (unless otherwise noted)
    ISN: International Sunspot Number by SIDC
    AR: Active Region numbered by SWPC-NOAA
    Area: Sunspots area in millionths of the Sun’s visible hemisphere
    Solar Flux @2800 MHz: Solar Radio Flux at 10.7 cm (measured in Penticton)