PW2IO & PW2TA – Cabras Island, SA-071

    Ilha_das_cabras_033PY2XB, Fred and PY2WAS, Alex will activate Cabras Isl (SA-071 group) between Nov, 19 2009 and Nov, 23 2009. SA-071 continues to have a high demand among IOTA program participants.

    They will use PW2IO (PY2XB) and PW2TA (PY2WAS) calls.

    They will operate two separate stations running 300W and 100W respectively. The antennas will be a yagi for 15, 17 and 20m and a multiband ZEP. The team guarantees that at least one station will be on the air around the clock. Both stations will work CW and SSB. The main bands to be used are 15, 17, 20,30 and 40metros, on IOTA frequencies. Alternative frequencies may be used if necessary.

    As far as we know Cabras Isl has never been activated. The team will need to take life support to the island, including generator and batteries for energy. The landing on the island is difficult and the operation may be postponed in case of bad sea. News will be forwarded thru Luke, PT7WA. Additional information will be available at QRZ.COM

    QSL routes: PW2IO via PT7WA & PW2TA via PY2WAS