PX8J – Ilha dos Lençóis, SA-041

    • UPDATE from first news reported on Dec 23, 2009.
    • PX8J website

    The IOTA SA-041 Group is currently the 2nd most wanted IOTA groups in South America, and the first top in Brazil. It consists of 23 islands, one of these islands is called “Ilha dos Lençóis” and it is the location for this DXpedition.

    This DXpedition will take place from June 9th through June 15th. It will be carried out by a group of 4 experienced DX operators who will be on the air around the clock.

    This will give the worldwide IOTA community the opportunity to confirm this rare IOTA group.

    Lençóis Island will be activated for the first time. Likewise, a new DIB and a new Grid Square will be activated (GI78nq)

    After returning from SA-041, the group will activate São Luis Island, SA-016, from Jun 16th-18th. The call will be PX8L.

    Recently, part of this team activated SA-062 Coroa Vermelha Island using PW6C call. Near 8,000 QSO’s were made in 4 days of operation. We are engaged to do the same effort and definitely take SA-041 out of the most wanted list too.

    We hope to log your call!

    73, PX8J/PX8L team