PY0FF assists in search for flight AF-447

    The following [edited] information is forwarded by Francisco Jackson dos Santos, PY1PDF:

    Radio amateur enthusiast Andre Sampaio, PY0FF yesterday gave first-hand, live, news of the location which would be the first wreckage spotted of Air France AF-447.

    Andre, considered crucial to the island of Fernando de Noronha for his participation in the rescue of people in more than 20 air and sea disasters in the last 20 years, acted as usual. The difference, he says, is that instead of giving interviews to TV (local), he spoke to journalists from around the country [Brazil] – that news was then disseminated to the world.

    Still a bit scared with the passing of a news leak that the military did not wish to divulge at the time, Andr?Å  did not want to talk anymore with the press. The Air Force, which already gave him the highest decoration that a civilian can receive, the Santos Dumont Medal in 2004, had asked him to be silent.

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